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In Isolation with Rosie Kent

Rosie Kent Studio
This week's virtual chat was with Rosie Kent. She has been telling us what she has been up to in isolation. We really hope you enjoy her suggestions as much as we did.
I didn’t think lockdown was going to have a massive effect on me as I’ve had a live / work studio space for quite some time, so I thought I would be pretty good and used to this limited contact way of life. However, it was quite the opposite and has definitely taken three weeks or so to find my feet and a new routine which seems to be helping me feel more balanced.

Being Kind:

Rosie Kent
Being kind to yourself is key, realising that some days just aren’t going to be as good as others, but that’s fine so don’t be too hard on yourself and on those days make time to do the things that make you smile. I take a lot of photos of my hands, which isn’t the easiest task as fingers out of context are very odd-looking, but having nice nails certainly cheers me up and makes the job a bit easier.


A podcast that never fails to disappoint is the Adam Buxton Podcast, it doesn’t really matter who the guest is I find his interview style refreshing and light even when tackling the deeper chat. Under the skin with Russel Brand is another good one but woah, he does talk at an incredible speed. BBC sounds have a few really interesting factual stories on at the moment; Tunnel 29, Girl Taken, Death in Ice Valley and I’ve just started Manhunt: Finding Kevin Parle.


And then there’s Netflix, I’ve just started watching Wild Wild Country and wow I’m hooked, can’t wait to see how this unravels. Not sure how the new content keeps on coming but I’m very pleased there are a great deal of films and new programs to watch. I look forward to the weekly instalment of RuPauls’s Drag Race but realise filming got cut short for this one and like so many others it’s not finite!

Cold showers:

The main thing that has helped me but may sound a bit strange is cold showers. I started reading about Wif Hof the ice man and the benefits a little shock to your system can have.
This is the main routine I’m trying to do each day. To read more about the science behind the quick endorphin rush head to What Doesn’t Kill Us by Scott Carney, I’m about halfway through and finding it educational in a very readable way. Another book I would recommend is A Million Little Pieces by James Frey, an extraordinary and true insight (some reviews state it’s a little exaggerated) to overcoming addiction. Nevertheless, what a fascinating story, you’ll struggle not to put it down.

Visible Mending:

Visible Mending

My last tip is darning, my workshop getup consists of lots of cosy albeit holey wool jumpers.
The work of Visible Mending blew me away, Flora offers very reasonable online courses so you can celebrate those holes in a beautiful way. I’ve really enjoyed following Flora’s account not only for the colourful knitwear but she is based north of the Scottish borders, so getting a regular glimpse of the outdoor countryside life is really helping when I’m missing my family and the Cumbrian mountains.
Rosie Kent


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