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How we design

Our approach has always been to bring customers a considered edit of beautiful hand-crafted jewellery made by our talented in house goldsmiths and experienced design team or by one of our wonderful guest designers.

Sensitive to lasting design

Since EC One opened its doors 25 years ago, collaborating with customers to design and make pieces for them has been both a privilege and a joy. The ability to make jewellery that celebrates and commemorates events or people is a very special job job, as well as the honour of knowing these pieces will be treasured and handed on.

Our carefully considered collections and bespoke pieces transcend changing trends and aspire to be precious in an ever-evolving world – when it comes to jewellery we believe in stories not seasons.

How to have a piece made

From the outset every piece we create or sell is designed using carefully sourced materials and a sensitive design ethos that follows a circular approach. This approach enables us to consider the whole process involved from concept to finalised piece. This means we can creatively maximise opportunities to use traceable and recycled materials and reduce waste and minimise any negative impact.

One of the great things about our jewellery is that it is made from precious metals and stones, that can be reused and redesigned, so should your tastes change or you find you have jewellery that you no longer wear, why not consider booking an appointment with us, as we would love to revitalise your pre-loved pieces.

Our Materials

Our workshop has always been a huge part of who we are. Most other jewellers will pay craftsmen to make their work for them. However, since we started, we have always handmade our own pieces within the store. We love to encourage our customers to come and watch the Goldsmiths making their jewellery in our workshop.

The Workshop

The benches our Goldsmiths work on were crafted from a local elm tree that died of old age in Gibson Square, Islington, a short walk away! We love that we could source the wood locally, and our carpenter has made a beautiful job of the benches.


The workshop is fully equipped with both traditional tools and up-to-date technology, such as a laser welding machine and a 3D printer. With our thoughtful blend of tools, technology and generational skills it means we are able to create beautiful timeless jewellery.

Meet The Team

Jos, the founder and Master Goldsmith, started his apprenticeship straight from school and now has more than three decades of experience. He has helped train two of our Goldsmiths (Millie and Sharon), who also undertook a five-year journey to become qualified ‘diamond mounters’ and members of The Goldsmiths' Company. Recently we welcomed Grant, a diamond setter, and he is busy passing on his setting skills to the rest of the team.

We believe it is essential to keep these skills alive and continue training the next generation of craftspeople. Belle, our newest member, studied at Central St Martins before working for a well-known designer-maker. She brings her design-led background and skills in production to the team.

Although many skills we use haven't changed for centuries, we are also keen to take advantage of new technologies. Brogan has been working with us for several years as our CAD designer. She will interpret a design into a 3D image to help customers visualise their creations. Once approved, these renders are printed in wax so that we know what to expect from the final piece before we start making it.

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