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Eternity Ring Styles & Tips

The simplicity of a band of small (or not so small!) gemstones running round the finger has a timeless but stunning look.

We love the sentiment behind Eternity rings: traditionally they marked the birth of a first child but now it's a piece to celebrate any of life's milestones.

We see customers choose them as wedding bands, anniversaries and for special birthdays.

We're going to chat through the most popular settings used in our eternity rings and a few tips too...

Castel set

The name comes from the word 'castle' because from the side the setting looks like the battlements on a castle.

Castel setting allows the diamonds to be shown off from the side as well as from above so you get lots of gorgeous sparkle. 

Claw set

A great style to really see the brilliance of the diamonds.

Just like in an engagement ring, each gemstone is set in its own little basket with the claws pushed over the stone to keep it in place.

A gorgeous classic look.

Grain set

You may well also have heard of this referred to as Pave setting.

Little 'grains' or beads of metal are used to hold the gemstones in place.  They also add texture to the surface of the ring which catch the light.

Grain setting gives a slightly antique feel to the ring and the 'grains' add extra sparkle.

As the name suggests the diamonds are set within a channel which means they are flush with the top of the band. 

Channel set

It's a sleek contemporary style and works especially well with princess cuts and baguette diamonds.

Top tips

Because a full eternity ring cannot be re-sized after it has been set, it's best to be measured at a time when your hands feel as 'average' as possible (not very hot or very cold).

The stones at the back of the ring come in contact with lots of surfaces as you go about your daily life so remember not to wear it in the gym, gardening, cleaning or when engaging in rough physical work.

If you feel you may be a little heavy handed, a half set eternity could be great option.

If you have any queries or would like to know a little more about our rings please don't hesitate to ask, we'd love to hear from you or you can click here to book an appointment.

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