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We are passionate about making unique, beautifully crafted
jewellery using recycled Gold and Platinum and responsibly sourced gemstones.
You can commission a new bespoke piece or re-work a loved heirloom.

We are proud to be a B-Corp business built around our highly skilled goldsmiths working in our onsite workshop.

Before you come in:

Your budget:

We'd recommend having an estimate of your budget to help us design a piece that works for you.

Looking at our stock pieces will help give an idea of how styles and stones vary in price.


Let us know if there is a particular date you would like the piece for. Once the design is finalised, bespoke pieces take 5-6weeks to complete. We will do what we can to help with short lead times.

Re-modelling & recycling Customers Materials:

We love to give new life to sentimental pieces and work with you to design pieces that re-set old stones and melt down metals. However, we do not work with loose stones.

Step 1

Come in for a chat with one of the team. Or if that’s tricky we can work over the phone, email, Zoom or WhatsApp.

We will talk through your ideas and look at stock pieces for inspiration.

Step 2

Once the design has been agreed, we can do a CAD drawing or a printed wax model to help you visualise the end result.

The cost of a CAD is £350 which is deducted from the final payment of your piece.

Step 3

When you are happy with your design and we have agreed the details, we ask for a 50% deposit. 

Your unique piece of jewellery will then be made in our Exmouth Market workshop by one of our skilled Goldsmiths.


We love the grand reveal because the final piece is always so much more stunning than any sketch or model.


Our Goldsmiths have very exacting standards and the finished article will be perfect before it goes to its happy recipient.



We will send you a free valuation for your insurers, often with a photograph for your records.  


As an EC One customer, you are welcome any time to bring your piece back to have it cleaned and spruced up.


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