About EC One


Jos and Alison met at a time when Britannia was cool and Clerkenwell was a bit run down. Originally the backroom of a disused shop - E.C.One was born to bridge the gap between the high street and the gallery. A place where our designer-maker friends could show their work and people could come and have something made by hand. Being a craftsman wasn’t hip back then, in fact most people thought you worked with your hands because you weren’t bright enough to have a professional job.

Jos had spent 8 years learning his craft under a master goldsmith and then later at Central St Martins before asking Alison to join him in opening a store. He wanted to combine his traditional making skills with his new found love of design. She had worked in a big office and wanted to join her creative friends who were having more fun. She would be invaluable in choosing what jewellery we were to showcase and promoting a new wave of talented designers.

After 20 years, 6 different locations, a rollercoaster ride through Notting Hill, Chiswick, investors, awards and accolades, and we are back to what we started out doing. Jos and his goldsmiths making stunning bespoke, Ali and her team showcasing beautiful unique handmade pieces by designer-makers – all here in Clerkenwell, EC1.