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Our Giving

We know that we take more from the planet than we put back - whatever we do. As a business we really want to do better, so have taken the decision to give 1% of our sales to the planet.

That’s 1% of our turnover, not profit, every year (even if it’s a tough one).

We are working with 1% for the Planet to fund environmental non-profits to create a healthy planet and help keep us accountable.  

As a team we have chosen three charities and we are excited to be support - The Felix Project, Peace Diamond and Trees for Cities.

The Felix Project

Is London's largest food redistribution charity and is fighting food waste and hunger.

The Felix Project rescues good food that cannot be sold and deliver it direct to charities and schools serving people in need.

Their mission is to see a London where no one goes hungry and good food is never wasted.

By getting good-quality, nutritious food to people in need and making use of the surplus food in the UK’s food supply, they are saving it from becoming food waste and in turn harming the planet.

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Peace Diamond

The Peace Diamonds Restoration Initiative, a land restoration model that engages local communities to heal lands left degraded by artisanal diamond mining. The initiative responds to the legacy of abandoned diamond-mining pits in Sierra Leone. These pits harm the environment, pose serious health hazards, and deprive neighbouring communities of agricultural lands and economic opportunities. At its core, Peace Diamonds seeks to reverse land degradation while rehabilitating those sites for sustainable use.


The Peace Diamonds Restoration Initiative is part of RESOLVE’s
Diamond Development Initiative (DDI). DDI envisions world where artisanal and small-scale miners, communities, and governments realise the benefits of legitimate minerals trade through formalisation and compliance with human rights, social, and environmental standards leading to better economic and environmental outcomes.

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Hackney Food Bank

Hackney food bank support people who are in crisis or trapped in poverty. They do this by providing emergency food parcels, which offer practical, immediate relief in moments of crisis, and by connecting people with local organisations that can help them to address the root causes and wider effects of poverty in their lives.

This scheme helps the planet by being more sustainable with food and promoting responsible consumption.

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