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What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

Why are they called salt and pepper diamonds?
Salt and Pepper Diamonds get their nickname from the inclusions that are present in the stone. The salt refers to the white inclusions and the pepper the black. The same physical make up as traditional white diamonds, they are the hardest material known to man.
Check out the incredible inclusions in the below diamond. The diamond has a world of its own inside!
Salt and Pepper Brilliant Cut Diamond Claw Set Bespoke Engagement Ring By EC One London Jewellers
How does the diamond become included?
Diamonds are formed in the Earth's mantle, up to 160 kilometres below our feet. They are formed by carbon atoms coming together under increased heat temperatures and pressure. They are bought closer to the surface through volcanic eruptions.
As the crystals form they sometimes trap other minerals inside. These are known as inclusions, and often appear as flecks or colours running through the stones.
What's so great about them?
We love the fact that each stone has a natural, organic feel and is totally unique. Some sparkle, some are cloudy, some have their own worlds swirling around inside, whereas others are almost dotty. They have an understated elegance and are generally more affordable than white diamonds, meaning you can get a bigger stone for your budget.
They come in all shapes and sizes! We were lucky enough to pop by and see some of the below beauties at Shangrila Gems Pop Up in Clerkenwell this week.
Salt and Pepper Brilliant Cut Diamond Claw Set Bespoke Engagement Ring By EC One London Jewellers
At EC One we are passionate about making unique, beautifully handcrafted bespoke jewellery.
This 4 claw white gold salt and pepper engagement ring is one of our recent favourites. The stone has a world of its own inside which is perfectly accentuated by the high polished simple and elegant setting.
Go workshop team!
If you'd like to chat with us about a design you can contact us at 
Yellow Gold Grey Diamond Engagement Ring by EC One London Jewellers


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