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The Beauty Of The Sapphire

The beauty of the sapphire has made this gemstone one of the most treasured stones that money can buy. Sapphires come in a wide variety of rainbow of colours, from the palest of lemon yellows to opulent, sumptuous purples as well as the more known blue tones that we usually associate with this gem.
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We use sapphires throughout many of our precious ranges, the Dainty collection in particular which looks stunning when set alongside sparkling white diamonds. Deep, opulent blues through to the desirable soft tones of the cornflower blue sapphire work perfectly in our engagement rings. The remarkable hardness of the sapphire makes this suitable for everyday wear.
_MG_9120[1]sapphire dainty ring
Our deco inspired Emma range showcases beautiful sapphires in cornflower blue which are framed by a halo of twinkling pave set diamonds. This elegant and popular style has become a classic here ECone and a design that has proved to stand the test of time.
sapphire emma_MG_9525[1]
The exquisite combination of rich blue sapphires and white diamonds is reminiscent of the famous ‘Lady Diana’ engagement ring. An impressive 18 carat blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds that now graces the hand of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Sapphires are thought to symbolize wisdom and good fortune and are the epitome of both royalty and romance. In ancient Greece and Rome, kings and queens believed that blue sapphires were to protect you from envy and harm and as a result sapphires have had their place in royal history throughout the decades.
A rare and extremely valuable sapphire is the stunning Padparascha sapphire. The enticing colours found in the padparascha are simply sublime .Peach, pink hues are said to be a blend of a Sri Lankan sunset and the beauty of the lotus flower. This stone is delicious in colour, a real treat and a sapphire well worth its place as one of the most sought after gemstones you can covet.
The fancy coloured sapphires are a true wonder and the variations are endless. The only colour a sapphire cannot be is red. Although still corrundum the red variety is known as the ever popular and well loved Ruby.
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