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Diamonds are central to our mission to craft beautiful, long-lasting pieces that tell our customers' stories.

With almost 30 years of experience, we are well aware of their pitfalls and checkered history. We want to ensure that your diamond hasn't hurt people or the planet to get to you. 

Here is our trusted guide to navigating the complex and murky world of diamonds...

Natural Diamonds

All the diamonds we buy at E.C.One continue to come with written guarantees from our suppliers that they have been "purchased from legitimate sources, not involved in funding conflict".

Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Laboratory grown diamonds are often marketed as the most ethical and environmental option; making the best ethical decision isn't always straightforward. Here's an insider's guide...


What do I need to know?

Every diamond is totally unique! Thankfully there are systems to help identify the quality of a diamond and determine its value. These are helpful to know when picking the right stone for you...

The 4 C's

An internationally recognised system that enables us to comprehend the characteristics and value of a diamond and fairly compare stones. The Four C's are carat, colour, clarity, and cut...

Diamond Shapes

Whatever your style, there is a diamond shape and ring design to suit you. Stone shapes can dramatically change the feel of a ring. These are the shapes diamonds are cut into.


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