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Blue Topaz

Blue topaz, with its sparkling clear hue is often referred to as a gem to represent love and affection, a sweet stone that dispels anger and aids restful sleep. A beautiful colour that ranges from a sublime sky blue to the more inky tones of the london blue topaz.
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To me blue topaz signifies summer, blue skies and enticing blue waters rather than the birthstone for the chilly month of November. Curious to discover why this stone was chosen I discovered that in 1870 Tiffany and Co. released a poem as part of their marketing campaign. Within this poem was the quote;
Who first comes to this world below
In dreary November’s fog and snow
Should prize the topaz amber hue,
Emblem of friends and lovers true.
This implies that yellow topaz was the stone intended as the November birthstone rather than the blue we generally associate with this gem. In the past citrine was often mistaken as yellow topaz and this is thought to be why November has a second birthstone choice. Interesting stuff!
The majority of topaz is mined in Brazil although there are deposits in the Urals of Russia. The most sought after topaz is the beautifully toned Imperial topaz that is named after Russian Tsars of the 17th century. The champagne tint of this topaz sparkles with a pink/orange undertone, a exquisite colour that was popular in Victorian jewellery.
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The shimmering blue colour that we often associate with topaz today has been achieved by enhancement to what is usually a colourless gemstone. To find a natural blue topaz is very rare and much coveted by collectors and jewellers alike.
We adore the striking colour of blue topaz and use it widely in our Garden collection. This collection is inspired by nature and our love for colour. Teaming the pop of blue alongside a sprinkling of diamonds has created a stunning collection that is also suitable for everyday. Stunning, decorative rings and pendants incorporating both flower and leaf motifs, this collection can be customised to include your favourite stones or a combination of multi coloured gems in our show stopping dress rings.
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For a more subtle look with an icy feel is the work by guest designer Melissa McArthur. Cool, contemporary and clean cut the jewellery designed by Melissa mixes semi precious gemstones in unusual cuts and colours. This season she has created exclusive pieces for us using the subtle tones of topaz, grey pearls and angelite. Delicate and simple the jewellery that Melissa creates is a favourite with customers who are looking for elegant jewellery with a modern twist.
Creative and inventive jewellery by Michelle Tuck uses blue topaz in her 'Amulets and Artifacts' collection to add warmth and depth to each piece. Granulated beads hold each gemstone in an original and decorative way. This is the perfect style for those looking for a personalised and individual pendant or bracelet.
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