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If you are looking for an alternative gemstone, a salt and pepper diamond could be the stone for you!

Once referred to as a rough diamond, salt and pepper stones have become increasingly popular due to their distinctive characteristics and individuality.

The beauty of a salt and pepper diamond comes from the internal inclusions which are created when the gemstone is formed deep inside the Earth’s mantle. These patterns and colour variations give the stone a speckled appearance, hence its name. The whisps, clouds and deposits of carbon each stone exhibits create a smoky colour and the appearance of a whole galaxy within the diamond.

As a result, each gem is unique and one of a kind, which makes them an appealing alternative to a classic white diamond.

Salt and pepper diamonds are ranked 10 on the MOHS scale of hardness which makes them a great choice for an engagement ring or a piece of jewellery that is to be worn every day.

As these diamonds are a relative newcomer to the market, there is no official grading system like there is for a white diamond and, as with many coloured gemstones, the desirability of the colour is subjective.

Our customers love the spectrum of grey tones and the interesting, mottled effects within these fascinating stones, and we have made some wonderful rings using salt and pepper diamonds.


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