Our Re-Modelling Process

Here at E.C. One we are passionate about making unique, beautifully crafted jewellery.  In particular we love to re-model heirloom pieces and breathe new

life into old broken jewellery that is no longer being worn. As well as being a sustainable way of using existing stones and metal, inherited pieces can be given a new lease of life in an updated style.

All our jewellery is made by our highly skilled goldsmiths working in our workshop located at the back of our Exmouth Market store. 


The precious metal from old pieces can be used in a couple of different ways:

1) Melted down & used to make the new piece (maybe with the addition of more metal)

2)“Scrapped” and the value of the metal used against the final piece.

So with that in mind, if the old piece(s) is yellow gold and you would prefer something made in white gold it's no problem.

If you would like to add extra stones to the new piece, we will get a selection in to show you.

When you come in it is great to have an idea of your budget so we can work to that.

It is also really helpful to know if there is a special date you would like the piece for.

Commissions normally take 5-6 weeks once the design is finalised, but we will help with short lead-times whenever we can.

We love to re-model vintage treasures and inherited pieces but don’t work with customer’s own loose gemstones.

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Step 1

Talk To Us.

Step 2

Working With Stones.

Step 3

Finalising The Design

Step 4

Come For A Fitting

Step 5

The Finished Piece


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