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All Things Stone Sourcing

Ethical jeweller EC One sourcing rough sapphires from Sri Lanka

Most of you will know that we are very proud of our B Corp status. We have said time and time again that we are committed to constantly looking for new ways of improving our business for people and planet.


But what does this actually look like? 

We are used to hearing brands talk vaguely about their ethics and never seeing evidence of change. Part of our desire to become a certified B Corp was the high social and environmental performance standards, accountability and transparency to which they hold their certified businesses. 


Since our certification, we have been on a fascinating journey of change. We have learnt to get comfortable in not always knowing how to navigate the challenges in our industry and instead just taking one step at a time. 

In the spirit of sharing the process, let’s update you on what we are doing...

Ethical jeweller EC One sourcing rough sapphires from Sri Lanka


Working with Stone Dealers


One of the biggest challenges on our journey of improvement is not having direct access to the jewellery-making process from start to finish. Sourcing stones is a particularly complex challenge for all jewellers. There is a long history of conflict, environmental degradation and geographical distance between the jeweller and the mine, leaving a disconnect.

At EC One, we want to become more involved in our sourcing story. Traditionally the miners, stone dealers and jewellers have operated as separate elements. We envision working together.  
This is why we have recently sent some of our team to visit one of our stone dealers, ‘Wennick Lefèvre’. Brogan and Elise visited their office in Copenhagen, while Jos went to Sri Lanka.

 Every Wennick Lefèvre gemstone is natural and untreated, and they know the story of each stone. They have long-lasting, close relationships with all their miners and cutters...
the team at ethical jeweller EC One visited Sri Lanka and Copenhagen to buy responsibly sourced sapphires
Witnessing the journey of a stone from mine to customer has had an extraordinary impact on our team. 
We want to continue to deepen our relationships and build a responsible supply chain.
The sourcing journey of sapphires by ethical jeweller EC One London
Our plan is to facilitate this connection for our customers and tell the hidden story behind each stone.
Responsibly sourced sapphires at ethcal jeweller EC One London


We selected some stunning natural sapphires from both our trips. Each gemstone has been formed by the earth and is entirely unique. Our team have begun to design pieces to showcase their natural beauty and we are excited to share them with you soon.
Ethical sapphires at sustainable jewellers EC One London

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