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Wedding Bands For a Lifetime


Engagement rings get a lot of attention; they are the wow factor, the exciting beginning, and the crescendo moment in a good romantic movie. They mark the milestone as couples move into the next stage of their relationship. We love making beautiful engagement rings that symbolise that joyful moment!
Sitting quietly beside the engagement ring is the often-overlooked wedding band. We wanted to give the wedding band some love this week and tell you why they are important. 
Wedding bands actually pre-date the engagement ring. Both parties traditionally wear bands as a physical sign of their lifetime commitment. They are a personal and outward reminder and a lasting symbol for future generations.

If the engagement ring marks the moment, the wedding band marks a lifetime...
Come and visit B Corp ethical jewellery EC One in London to commission a bespoke engagement ring or wedding band
Many engaged couples come through our doors, often overwhelmed with the details of their upcoming day. So we've put together some tips to take the stress out of choosing the best wedding ring.
1) Give yourself (and us) enough time.
We recommend booking an appointment at least 5-6 weeks before the wedding. We know from experience how time flies in the final weeks, and we don't want you to feel rushed.
2) Consider the design of your engagement ring; what features do you love about it? We can carry this to your wedding band by matching the metal, stones and profile.
3) There will be times when you will wear your wedding band on its own. While it's good to think about your rings as a pair, let's make a band you will love in its own right. Using textured metals or stones is an effective way of achieving this. 
4) Have you considered repurposing sentimental jewellery to make your rings? In our workshop, we can melt down inherited jewellery and create the perfect rings to keep your family close.
5) Engraving is another beautiful way to personalise a band. This is done by hand, so an extra two weeks is required.
6) Relax! We encourage you to use your appointments at E.C. One as an opportunity to come together with your partner. We have over 25 years experience making wedding rings, so let us take care of this part of your planning process! 



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