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Story of a Bespoke Hair Pin

EC One created a bespoke bridal hair pin for this lovely couple
We've had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with some very creative people over our years in business. This project was a really special one. 
Recently, an architect paid us a visit with a special Hair pin request for her wedding day. Instead of our usual bespoke sketching, talking and refining process; this customer had made a very detailed scale drawing of the design and printed a scale version in resin!  
The Hair Pin was to be made in gold-plated sterling silver and attached with hanging chains, delicately interspersed with pearls. It was clear, well designed and thoughtfully considered, and apart from a tiny adjustment, we were given the exact layout needed.
So we got to making...
Bespoke pearl bridal hair pin by EC One

The Making Process

Due to the shape and depth of the pin, we decided to construct it in three pieces, the main body, a pair of fork shapes and the handle. For this piece, it was more efficient and much less wasteful to make it in three parts, as the pin would be plated in 18ct yellow gold, meaning the solder lines wouldn’t be visible after plating.  
 Using the client’s design as a blueprint, Jos, our founder, cut out the main body of the piece and then hand-carved the shape into silver, carefully filing it to give it a soft flowing feel. The wire sections were added and filed to complete the shape. Emery paper was used to remove file marks before the nail-biting final polish of the fine needle-sharp fork points. 
Click the video below to watch the hair pin come to life in our workshop...
watch EC One's workshop making a bespoke bridal pearl hair pin
Once polished, delicate silver rings were attached to one side of the handle and lasered into place. In the meantime, Millie, our head Goldsmith beaded the pearls onto gold-plated chains using fine silver wire. Each chain replicates the drawing, carefully adhering to each pearl size and position. After a final check, the beaded chains were attached, and the small rings were laser shut to keep them secure.
After a careful and detailed process, the piece was complete!

A Happy Customer

Crafting this hairpin was a unique project for us. We were thrilled to have produced what our customer had designed and collaborate with her to create the final piece, a beautiful object to mark the most special day. She looked stunning on her wedding day, and our whole team was so excited to see the Wedding photos. It’s safe to say the bride’s care, commitment and dedicated planning didn’t stop with the hairpin as she handcrafted her own wedding dress, among many other unique personal touches to the day. 


bespoke pearl bridal hairpin by EC One London

We are so happy to have played a small part in bringing to life her ideas and helping mark her special day.  

 “We had an absolutely amazing wedding! I got so many compliments on the beautiful hairpin and rings, everything looked so good together

 Much love from EC One




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