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Feel Good Friday

From Friday 29th of November (Black Friday) to Monday 2 nd December, as well as giving a 10% discount to our customers, we will also be donating 10% of our sales to Leukaemia UK.
We are all aware of the shopping frenzy that is Black Friday, and in the past we have created offers to entice our loyal customers. However, this time last year we had a creeping feeling that what we were doing wasn’t very us and discounting just because everyone else was, didn’t align with our values.
So, what to do?
Needless to say, here at E.C.One we love our customers; lots have become good friends and frankly without them we would be out of business. So rather than duck out and not show our appreciation we are going to offer a 10% loyalty discount but also match that discount with a 10% donation of sales to our favourite charity – Leukaemia UK.
Why Leukaemia UK?
7 years ago, Alison our co-founder was very unwell in the lead up to Christmas. What started out as a cold became flu, then a virus which she just couldn’t shake off.
Finally, on the 21st of December, Ali was taken to A&E and diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukaemia. Although the future looked very bleak, after several rounds of chemo she gradually improved. The hospital staff were amazing and after 6 months of treatment she was able to come home to recuperate - a year
later she was back working with the rest of the E.C.One family.
We will be forever grateful for people’s kindness and the difference that charities like Leukaemia UK can make.
Just use the code FEELGOOD at the checkout for a 10% discount which we will match with a 10% donation.
Thank you and have a great Feelgood Friday!



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