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Salt and Pepper Diamond Jewellery by Sorrel Bay

Salt and Pepper Diamond Jewellery by Sorrel Bay
We literally gasped with delight when we opened our designer salt and pepper diamond treats from Sorrel Bay Jewellery. Using exquisite opals and diamonds set in rich yellow gold Marie Walshe, the creative director behind the brand, has designed both elegant and luxurious jewellery for everyday wear. The quality and beauty behind each piece is truly breath taking and a very welcome addition to the precious jewellery we stock at EC One.
Pear Shaped Diamond Ring by Sorrel Bay at EC One
Pear shaped diamond rub over ring with diamond shoulders by Sorrel Bay at EC One.
The gemstones that are used in each collection are handpicked for their beauty and the unique qualities they exhibit. Marie hand picks diamonds that have natural ‘flaws’, a character of the stone that ensures that no two diamonds will ever be the same therefore adding an individual, one of a kind feel to each piece. A favourite stone that is used in many of the collections is the rose cut diamond, a traditional way of diamond cutting that has a softer more natural look than the modern day brilliant cut. These diamonds, in subtle grey tones, are faceted in a way to make them sparkle wonderfully adding to the charming handmade aesthetic of Marie’s work.
Grey Oval Diamond Rub Over Ring by Sorrel Bay at EC One.  Ice Grey Claw Set Diamond Ring by Sorrel Bay at EC One. Salt and Pepper Diamond Three Stone Ring by Sorrel Bay at EC One.
Stunning deep ocean blue Australian opals carefully chosen by Marie add a sense of intrigue and wonder to the collections. Opals are said to enhance self-confidence and encourage originality and creativity, the perfect choice for women who like to express their individuality.  The Australian opal is a mesmerising stone unlike any other, the ‘fire’ within each stunning opal resembles a rainbow of colours, an unmistakable and spectacular gemstone.
Using fair trade gold and ethically sourced gemstones Marie works closely with mines and stone dealers to ensure that the jewellery is as ethically sound as possible. It is this consideration and attention to detail that shines through making each piece truly special.


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