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Re-vamp Your Jewellery Collection!

An exciting way to inject new life into your jewellery is to re model existing pieces into something handmade, bespoke and individual to you. Family heirlooms and outdated jewellery can be brought to life through our commissioning service and cherished by you once again.
Working in this way is as exciting for us as it is for you.  We are passionate about making unique and beautifully crafted jewellery and our customers love the creative process that this entails. From the initial relaxed consultation to the drawings and silver models than we can make to help envisage the final piece, the whole experience is both an enjoyable and interesting one.
Our workshop is housed in our Clerkenwell store which gives us the ability to directly translate your ideas to our talented Goldsmiths. With all aspects of design and manufacture taking place on site allows you to see your jewellery come to life, ensuring that each piece that we are making is perfect for you.



We have worked on some exciting designs this year ranging from show stopping cluster rings, diamond set bombe rings to re-working extravagant art deco pieces.  We are happy to take on any challenge! Old metal can be re-used, melted down and incorporated into your new ring. Gemstones can be reset to give your jewellery a new lease of life and that much loved added sparkle. This is an ideal way of re-using sentimental jewellery and turning it into something that can be worn once more.

A design that we loved working on was a remodel using the customers jewellery that had been sitting in her jewellery box for years. The jewellery that had an emotional attachment   were reused whereas other pieces scrapped. All the precious stones were then cut out of the original settings and used in a unique design that the customer had been coveting. The result was two complimenting rings that were individual and sentimental to the wearer.

Whether you would like a ring, pendant or earrings, we can re-model your beloved jewellery and create something that is special and much loved.

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