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Ellie Air Trunk Show

We are excited to announce our unique in-store event featuring the talented 'Ellie Air Jewellery'. Showcasing bespoke designs and one of a kind pieces, this is your chance to see some exquisite jewellery from one of our favourite designers.
Ellie Air founder and director, Lauren Rowden, designs and finishes each piece by hand in her workshop based in central London. Lauren has been selling her beautiful jewellery at EC One for three years with both her silver and demi-fine collections.
Lauren's delicate and minimal jewellery reflects her love for both unusual gemstones and her keen interest in astrology. Many collections feature stars and crescent moons. Intricate star settings adorn rings, necklaces and bracelets in her Stella collection.
Join us on the 28th June to preview Lauren's new collection, 'Giugno' as well as the chance to commission a piece of jewellery with the designer.
We spoke to Lauren to find out what inspires her and the passion she has for jewellery.
  • Why Jewellery?
  • Jewellery is a perfect combination of my interest in art and the need to be hands-on in my day job. I’ve always been creatively minded and, being the daughter of an aeronautical engineer, it was almost inevitable that I would end up as a goldsmith's apprentice at the age of 18. For me it’s the ideal combination of mathematical and technical composition and looking at diamonds for a living!
  • What inspires your one of a kind pieces?
    • I’d say my main influences are astronomy and the Art Deco era. I’ve always found it easy to fall in love with unusual and beautiful gemstones and diamonds and consequently have built up an extensive collection of colourful gems with interesting cuts and clarities. Each gem is so unique that I often like to let the stone determine the design then blend in aesthetics that are recognisably ‘Ellie Air’: star settings, angular bands and overall simplicity.
  • Which gemstones do you find the most exciting to work with?
    • My favourite gems are emeralds, sapphires, opals and to be a little cliche, diamonds. Having said that, I’d happily work with any gemstones as they’re all so intriguing, with their own characteristics and stories to tell.
  • Which of your designs is your favourite?
    • The ‘Firma’ Collection (‘firma' is Italian for 'signature’) was my debut fine jewellery collection, and I love how the name of the collection resonates with the pieces within the collection. The Kite Signet Ring will always be popular, for both me and my customers, but the simplicity and romance of the star setting (which you’ll find on many of my pieces!) is a real favourite.
  • Where do you see your business in 10 years time?
    • As Ellie Air grows from year to year it would be great to have a larger version of the business as it is now - a small team contributing to a family jeweller that offers a new collection every year and bespoke pieces for those special moments in life!
  • What is your biggest achievement/proudest moment to date?
    • In 2015 I was selected as one of the top ten Kickstarters at IJL which helps get emerging designers into the industry. I remember being completely speechless when I got the phone call! The next year, 2016, I was a finalist for the New Designer of the Year Award and although it felt a little surreal, it was only then that I became aware passion and hard work really does pay off!


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