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Clean Diamonds

Conflict Free | Canadian | Recycled | Lab-Grown

Even before the Kimberley process, here at EC One we have been at the forefront of using conflict-free diamonds and ethically mined gemstones. Due to the nature of the diamond supply chain and the less than transparent nature of our industry its not always possible to trace these stones back to source. We are constantly trying to be as open about our part in this supply chain and to offer a variety of options tailored to meet your ethical agenda. 

Conflict Free Diamonds

Our conflict free diamonds are sourced from diamond suppliers who participate in the System of Warranties and follow the guidelines of the Kimberley Process. The diamonds are guaranteed to have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. The Kimberley Process is an integral part of responsible diamond sourcing; however, we view it as the minimum of what should be required and are constantly looking for ways to go beyond it.

Canadian Diamonds

Wherever possible we try to source conflict-free diamonds from the Canadian Arctic. These diamonds are mined in the Canadian North and have been responsibly cut and polished. Their production and sale are subject to strict standards, set out by the Canadian Code of Conduct, CanadaMark™, and the Government of the Northwest Territories, designed to protect the Arctic environment, mine workers and local employees. Because these stones are mined cut and polished in Canada they are recognised as truly ‘conflict-free’.

Recycled Diamonds

A recycled diamond is one that has been previously set in a piece of jewellery then removed to be used in a new piece. Around 4.5 billion carats have been mined since large scale mining started in the 19th century, which means there is a surplus of used diamonds available to be reset in new work.  Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance which makes them great for recycling as they do not show wear in the same way as other gemstones. This is also great for the planet as since they are recycled, they have zero environmental impact (no mining) and are utilizing materials which already exist in a finished form.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

An alternative to traditionally mined stones Lab-grown or cultured diamonds are created using advanced technology - either extreme pressure and heat (HPHT) or a carbon vapor deposition process (CVD), which replicate the natural method of diamond formation. They display the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics as natural diamonds have the same characteristics of natural ones, both in strength of material and sparkle. Under magnification, lab-grown stones are almost impossible to differentiate from natural diamonds. They are cut and graded in exactly the same way and are certificated by independent diamond laboratories. Every stone is laser inscribed to identify the diamond as a laboratory-grown and tend to cost around 45%-50% less than their natural sisters. As well as the potential cost saving, lab-grown diamonds are considered both an environmentally and socially responsible choice, negating the need for large scale mining and issues around exploited labour.



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