Pebble began as an excuse to spend lots of time exploring India and the first collections used facetted and tumbled semi-precious stones sourced throughout the country. Nine years later travels now include India, China, Africa, Thailand, and South America, expanding the collections to include metals, stones, wood, glass, coral, and amber. Other materials include ancient excavated beads and glass trade beads produced in Europe in the nineteenth century. Traditional tribal jewellery is a big influence as is a love of natural materials and Pebble try to keep the jewellery designs as simple as possible in the belief that one cannot improve on nature. Over the years Pebble have worked with or sold to many fashion designers including Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Cavalli, Issey Miyake, Mathew Williamson, Emilio Pucci, Allegra Hicks, Joseph, Nicole Fahri, and Donna Karan.