Clearing out the Stone Draw

One thing I’m pretty bad at is collecting stones that I don’t actually need.

It often goes like this…
  1. Customer comes in to discuss a commission.

  2. I get stones in to make the commission.

  3. Customer chooses 1 stone to be made into something amazing.

  4. I fall in love with one of the remaining ones and buy it for myself.

Over the years I have managed to collect more than my fair share of these beautiful things.

Rather than let them sit there I thought we should make something every once in a while and tell you guys about it.

This would be either 'one of a kind' or a very small run not to be repeated.



I have a few oval Chrysoprase cabochons - as I love the colour. The stones are apple-green and a variety of chalcedony that contains nickel. In particular I have a really gorgeous matching pair (above) which I had planned to make into earrings. However, I thought I could turn them into a couple of rings instead with one stone set horizontally and the other vertically.

I started by carving a setting in wax (blue in the photo) which was then cast in silver cleaned up and trued to make a master.


This master was then moulded and used to cast two more waxes in gold. To try and keep it reasonably priced I decided to make the rings in recycled 9ct yellow gold - and besides I like the colour.


Next, I turned up some recycled 2.5mm 9ct yellow gold wire and added them to the settings (that sounds really easy… it’s not).

Finally, the stones were set, and the rings given a polish.

I hope you like the finished product.

Please do get in touch if you are interested in either of the rings (they retail for £995 each) or would like to have something made. We have just enough time to create a special gift for Christmas.

Click here for more information on the rings.

Jos and the Team x