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With emphasis on quality, comfort and sentiment the EC One workshop creates handmade wedding rings for men and women in white, rose, yellow gold or platinum. Each ring is made to order from a choice of classic designs or completely bespoke to sit with an antique or unusual engagement ring. A hand engraving service for personal sentiment allows you to create truly unique wedding ring designs in your style.
Evidence suggests that the oldest exchange of wedding bands occurred in ancient Egypt, over 4800 years ago. Reeds, rushes and sedges were woven together with Papyrus and braided so that they became rings suitable to fit on one’s finger.
In those times the circle was seen by many cultures, not just the Egyptians, as the symbol of eternity as it physically has no beginning or end. The hole in the centre of the ring was also seen as significant. It was believed to symbolise the gateway, or door which led to events in the future which were known and unknown. The gift of a ring such as this to a woman signifies the never ending and immortal love of the giver for that person.
Given the fragile nature of the grass braided rings, they were quickly substituted for rings made of leather, bone or ivory. The idea was that the more expensive the material that your ring was made from, the more your husband loved you. Indeed it also indicated how rich the person giving the ring was. Today you can have a wedding ring made from a variety of materials from palladium or platinum, through to white gold.