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A Platinum ring is the ultimate way of celebrating your special occasion, such as a wedding or anniversary, due to its desirable properties. Platinum is one of the rarest precious metals on Earth, found in only a few locations in the world. Adding to Platinum’s rarity is the fact that in order to produce a single ounce, a total of 10 tons of ore must be mined. In comparison, gold can be produced by mining a mere three! Platinum is hypoallergenic and resists tarnish, offering precious stones greater protection and making it the perfect material for your special ring. Palladium is another element found in the ‘Platinum Group’. Palladium has a lower boiling point and is less dense, but it is a more radiant white than either Platinum or White Gold - ideal for a wedding ring! At EC One we have a range of classic Platinum and Palladium rings, made in-house or carefully selected from our range of sought-after jewellery designers.