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Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and it’s easy to see why, as nothing shines quite as bright as a Diamond! Here at EC One we have 15 years of experience designing bespoke pieces to celebrate the charm and show off the fire within our conflict-free Diamonds. We have a wide and varied selection of Diamond Rings in our Clerkenwell boutique for you to pick from, or use as a starting point when creating your own bespoke piece. So, whether it is a Dress Ring, Eternity Band, a Diamond set Wedding Ring or “The Engagement Ring” we are sure to have something you will fall in love with.
'"Here comes the science part"... Diamonds are formed of pure carbon which has been compressed by immense pressure and heat over thousands of years, between 100 and 200 miles below the surface of the earth. Volcanic explosions push the diamonds up through the earth to the surface, where they tend to find their way into rivers and streams. Believing that they were splinters from the failing stars and the tears of the Gods, the Greeks and Romans revered diamonds, which is a much more romantic explanation! Those of the Hindu religion believe that lightening striking rocks caused the formation of diamonds. They also believed that the stones possessed special powers, and thus used them as the eyes for all of their statues.
Representing the ultimate gift of love and romance, diamonds derive their name from the Greek word “adamo” which means to ‘tame’ or ‘subdue’. This is a reference to the antiquated notion that once a woman was wed to a man, she fell into his ownership. Ha!