• Alex Monroe

    Alex Monroe

    One of the UK’s leading jewellery designers Alex Monroe designs beautiful whimsical jewellery inspired by nature.

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  • Alice Menter

    Alice Menter

    Alice Menter’s striking and statement jewellery is inspired by her time with the Yao Mien hill tribe in Northern Thailand, exploring the boundaries between jewellery, clothing and body adornment.

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  • Amanda Coleman

    Amanda Coleman

    Amanda Coleman's hand-crafted jewellery has a whimsical quality. Fairytales, flora and fauna, dainty birds and blossoming flowers all feature in her intricate jewellery, lovingly handmade in her Lincolnshire studio.

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  • Buba


    Buba uses embroidered beads and Swarovski crystals to create decorative geometric shapes and floral designs. Inspired by the exotic colours and shapes of Goa and the fluorescent glamour of Ibiza’s Techno scene, these two international flavours perfectly complement each other to create a unique fashion experience.

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  • Douglas Poon

    Douglas Poon

    Young jewellery designer Douglas Poon is fascinated by the romance of bygone times in which ladies wore sumptuous gowns, men were masters of empire, and both dined in decadent surroundings.

    This love was ignited by finding a dusty antique crystal, wiping off the dust to let a few rays of light shine through. Douglas Poon’s debut collection mimics this light play, using beautiful hand-carved and polished Lucite jewellery.

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  • EA Burns

    EA Burns

    Sustainable fashion jewellery by EA Burns handmade in London.

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  • EC One

    EC One

    At our Clerkenwell workshop, the EC One design team makes its own collections for the shop and works on bespoke orders.

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  • Ellie Air

    Ellie Air

    Ellie Air is a contemporary fine jewellery brand, founded and directed by Lauren Rowden. Each piece of jewellery is designed, made and finished by hand in Lauren's workshop in central London.

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  • Fiona Paxton

    Fiona Paxton

    Fiona Paxton's fashion forward designs are hand embroidered using ancient beadwork techniques.

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  • Flora Bhattachary

    Flora Bhattachary

    Flora draws together Asian influences and floral motifs to create elegant and enchanting gems. Each design is hand crafted and carved in the UK, combining traditional fine jewellery techniques with modern technology.

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  • Helena Rohner

    Helena Rohner

    Pureness of lines, simplicity of shapes and original ways to combine silver with surprising materials are inherent aspects of Helena Rohner’s jewellery.

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  • Helene Turbe

    Helene Turbe

    Helene Turbe brings her French charm to her work, creating elegant and feminine jewellery for the modern woman.

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  • Hiroshi Kurokawa

    Hiroshi Kurokawa

    Japanese jewellery designer Hiroshi is based in East London where he creates bold designs in sterling silver; necklaces, earrings and bracelets with a tough, unisex twist.

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  • Jake McCombe

    Jake McCombe

    Jake McCombe’s contemporary jewellery designs are the epitome of architectural adornment. Having honed his design skills working for infamous jewellery designers Lara Bohinc, Shaun Leane and Scott Wilson McCombe went on to launch his own brand collections in 2014.

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  • Joanna Cave

    Joanna Cave

    Drawing influence from her upbringing on a remote Aegean Island Joanna Cave’s jewellery has a beautiful rustic charm.

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  • John and Pearl

    John and Pearl

    Luxey and relaxed, John and Pearl's statement costume jewellery is lovingly designed in London and embodies a truly British attitude to dressing.

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  • Katie Jamieson

    Katie Jamieson

    Winner of EC One's 2012 'Unsigned' Competition, Katie Jamieson uses 18ct Yellow and Rose Gold plated sterling silver to create a hand-carved collection of elegant jewellery with a simple everyday wearability.

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  • Katie Rowland

    Katie Rowland

    Award winning jewellery designer Katie Rowland designs edgy, elegant jewellery, made to make the wearer feel empowered and fabulous.

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  • Lily Kamper

    Lily Kamper

    Lily’s love of colour is shown throughout the collections with each piece of Perspex dyed by hand with each colour mixed individually.

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  • Melissa McArthur

    Melissa McArthur

    Melissa McArthur’s design ethos is versatility, modernity and minimalism. Melissa scours the globe for rare and colourful semi-precious and precious stones and is famed for her unusual gemstone cuts and colour combinations.

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  • Michelle Tuck

    Michelle Tuck

    Michelle Tuck's ‘Amulets and Artefacts’ collection is inspired by ancient coins, both their soft worn details and marks left over time, as well as the uneven edges created by millennia old minting processes.

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  • Mira


    Miranda Rashidian uses traditional Grecian jewellery techniques and draws upon her Mediterranean environment to make beautiful fine jewellery for the modern woman from her studio in Greece.

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  • Myia Bonner

    Myia Bonner

    As EC One's 'Unsigned 2010' competition winner jewellery designer Myia Bonner deconstructs the traditional diamond shapes into simple forms producing elegant silver and gold-plated jewellery all handmade from her London studio.

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  • Nada G

    Nada G

    Exclusive to EC One Lebanese fine jewellery brand Nada G is the creation of designer Nada Ghazal.

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  • Niessing


    Niessing have been manufacturing jewellery for over 140 years, with the iconic and award winning Tension Ring launched in 1979.

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  • Pebble


    Pebble source the diverse materials for their striking jewellery from all over the world. Traditional tribal jewellery is a big influence for Pebble, as well as the love of natural materials, jewellery designs are kept as simple as possible in the belief that one cannot improve on nature.

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  • Pomegranate


    Jewellery brand Pomegranate was founded by Katie Bulatovic who designs collections with an emphasis on organic, simple shapes referencing ancient and tribal form.

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  • Rosita Bonita

    Rosita Bonita

    Drawing on her fascination of fantasy, past eras, Hollywood costumes and stage sets, icons of myth and legend designer Rosita Bonita designs striking and wearable jewellery to bring a touch of the exotic and the fun of dressing up to everyday life.

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  • Rue Belle

    Rue Belle

    Founded in 2003 by husband-and-wife team, Bella Resta and Rudy Castorina, RueBelle is inspired by a meeting between the natural beauty of Hawaii and the urban chic of Paris - the respective origins of the artists.

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  • Ruth Tomlinson

    Ruth Tomlinson

    Jewellery designer Ruth Tomlinson specialises in creating one of a kind jewels, drawing upon historical jewellery with a desire to reveal the earth’s treasures.

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  • Shaun Leane

    Shaun Leane

    Renowned for his darkly romantic designs Shaun Leane’s work has been described by Sotheby’s London as “antiques of the future”.

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  • Sorrel Bay

    Sorrel Bay

    Sorrel Bay’s creative Director Marie Walshe has been a goldsmith with over 20 years experience. Marie hand crafts each piece with a team of master goldsmiths and diamond setters.

  • Stephen Webster

    Stephen Webster

    Stephen Webster, the London-based luxury jewellery brand internationally heralded for its exquisite and cutting edge designs continues to flourish under its founder and creative director, Stephen Webster. Taking inspiration from music, fashion, literature and art to produce contemporary, bold and glamorous collections, this unique approach to fine jewellery has been some 40 years in the making.

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  • SuShilla


    Sushilla's design ethos is simple; if the stone is beautiful in colour, shape and quality, then it should be set to allow the beauty of the stone to shine.

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  • Tina Lilienthal

    Tina Lilienthal

    Shoreditch based jewellery designer Tina Lilienthal creates quirky jewellery with a playful edge.


  • Ungar & Ungar

    Ungar & Ungar

    The Hungarian wife and husband team descend from a family of jewellery makers who have been designing and making precious jewellery for five generations and are renowned for their beautiful and elegant diamond set eternity rings echoing the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements.

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  • Workhorse


    Each piece of Workhorse jewelry is hand-made 'avec amour' and carries with it romantic erstwhile tales for you to build upon as you create your own unique story filled with love, intrigue, misadventure, triumph, and celebration.

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  • Zoe & Morgan

    Zoe & Morgan

    Iconic jewellery brand Zoe & Morgan is made up of the Sibbald children, Zoe, Morgan and Ruth. Their jewellery embodies their admiration for old world charm, adventure and style and is steeped in family history.

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  • Zoe Chicco

    Zoe Chicco

    Delicate and modern, designer Zoë Chicco has found the perfect alchemy of style and femininity women are looking for today in their jewellery. All her jewellery is handmade in her LA Studio.

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