Bespoke Design


Here at EC One we are different from most other jewellers because at the centre of what we do is allowing you to make to your own bespoke design. You don’t have to be artistic or an architect (although that does happen) to have a consultation with one of our EC One team to come up with your own unique piece.

Because there are no ‘middle people’, the costs associated with having something handmade is very reasonable. Just pop into our Exmouth Market boutique with something in mind, or use the contact link below, and we will take it from there. Whether it is something to mark an occasion, remodel an existing piece of jewellery or creating the perfect engagement ring we would love to help.










The process begins with a consultation with a member of our bespoke team, where we discuss your initial inspiration and design ideas. Call, email a bespoke request or just come in for a chat.

By understanding a few simple objectives – including your proposed budget and time-frame – we will create original drawings, in detail, and to scale, of your dream piece. Working closely to your specifications, our bespoke team will also liaise with the in-house workshop, ensuring your design is meticulously crafted. As ever, you can be assured that all diamonds sold at EC One are conflict-free, and always will be.




After approval, your technical drawing will be realised by our international team of craftsmen. Using a combination of traditional skills and/or ‘Computer Aided Design’ (’CAD’), they will produce a scale model in Silver (a ‘Maquette’), or a 3D digital image (a ‘Render’), which will help you visualise the end result. Once the design has been agreed we will ask you to come back for a fitting to check the size before we set the stones. If you are in a hurry then this might not be needed.



Your bespoke creation is complete! Our Goldsmiths have very exacting standards and the finished article will be perfect before it goes to its happy recipient.

We will contact you directly to arrange collection or delivery to a destination of your choice, packaged in our branded EC One jewellery boxes for safe keeping. Should you wish to add a message or any other final flourishes, such as engraving, we can arrange this for you as well.

We will send you a free valuation for your insurers, often with a photo for your records. As an EC One customer, you are welcome to bring the piece back to have it cleaned and spruced up at any time in the future.

To get an idea of what we could do for you, why not have a browse of our Workshop Blogs?

If you’re thinking of commissioning a piece with us, please email or call our Exmouth Market branch on 0207  713 6185 to find out how we could help….